CONSULTINGwith acidotic

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"We have deep knowledge of the racing landscape here in New England and we know what works and what doesn't work. We don't want to race direct or own your race. We are interested in helping you build it and race it ourselves. We have a passion for helping partners create disruptive events that encourage early sign-up, word-of-mouth buzz and consistent year-over-year growth. And our formulas works.

We work with you to identify the challenges and solutions that will pave the way for what we call "signature racing" events that meets your goals. Our proven formula creates race brands that:

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF by offering truly unique experiences that can NEVER be replicated.
So your event is exceptional and gets a checkmark when people are building their race calendar and you aren't sweating sign-ups everyday leading up to the event.

DRIVE PARTICIPATION with word-of-mouth buzz in your key target audience.
So you get an organic boost from the marketer racers listen to most-other racers. This can reduce promotional costs while growing participation.

DEMONSTRATE CONSISTENCY for both racers and organizers so you hold a better event.
So your racers know they are getting a quality experience and you stop worrying about execution and participation on a year-to-year basis.

We specialize in partnering with race organizers to create signature events that follow proven processes that build winning race brands."

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