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Loon Mountain Race

Official presenting sponsor July 6th, 2014

Race Status: ON

Loon Mountain Resort
60 Loon Mountain Road
Lincoln, NH

Men (7 miles), Women (4.8 miles)

Start Time:
Women: 8:00am
Men: 9:30am

Bib pick-up:
6:30 to 9:00

$20 pre-registration; $25 event day registration


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Race Director(s):
Chris J. Dunn and Paul Kirsch

Paul Kirsch, Rich Bolt, Dave Dunham


Over the years our Loon Mountain Race has developed quite a following here in the northeast. The reputation as one of the region’s toughest races is due in large part to the kilometer ascent of North Peak via the black diamond trail known as Upper Walking Boss. "The Boss", as it’s affectionately known, is roughly a kilometer of grassy slope with angles that exceed a dizzying 40% grade! And recently the word has spread outside of the region as well. Our race has received a number of national accolades as well. Here they are;

 -USATF Mountain Running Championship
The LMR will serve as the USATF Mountain Running Championship. Everyone is welcome to participate. The Top 6 men and the Top 4 women USATF members and US Citizens will make the US Mountain Running Team. There will be a separate men’s and women’s race with two different distances to mimic the world mountain running championships. Details on these two courses will be released later in the spring. The men’s race is expected to be approximately 12k and the women’s race approximately 8k. But frankly it’s not the distance that will make the’s the infamous Upper Walking Boss (see below).

Our LMR has been selected by the Collegiate Running Association (CRA) to serve as the Collegiate Mountain Running Championship. In order to be eligible to compete in the CRA Mountain Running Championships, participants must either be enrolled in a college course at the time of the race or have completed a course during the spring semester of 2014. In order to be eligible for CRA prize money, participants must be free members of the Collegiate Running Association. In order to qualify for the US Mountain Running team, participants must be members of USATF. All collegiate runners are also eligible for the open championship. Visit the CRA for more details.

 -Most Competitive Hillclimb
"This race up Loon Mountain is an annual benchmark on one of the country’s most competitive trail running circuits. Among the most dastardly hill climb races in the country, the course of this five-miler has an average grade of 10 percent‚ÄĒbut in some places it ascends at an unthinkable 40 percent‚ÄĒas it meanders upward on a combination of dirt trails, gravel service roads, and grassy ski slopes." -RW

 -Trail Runners Bucket List
"Widely considered the New England Trail Running series‚Äô most difficult event, the Loon Mountain Race in Lincoln, New Hampshire, packs a whopping 2,200-vertical gain in just 5.5 miles. Racers literally run up a mountain‚ÄĒthe average grade is 10 percent, with some sections as steep as 40 percent. The trail winds up the ski resort’s runs, including the black-diamond pitch Upper Walking Boss, before finishing at the top gondola station on Loon peak." -OM

Dirty Dozen - America’s Best Trail Races
Running 5.5 miles with 2,200 feet of vertical gain will definitely make you question the sanity of running up Loon Peak instead of skiing down it ‚ÄĒ especially on the black-diamond ski run portion, where racers navigate a 40-percent incline. Front-runners dance up the grass ski slopes, dirt trails and service roads like mountain goats. The race has been selected as the 2014 USATF Mountain Running Championship, so you can expect to see some of the best mountain runners in the country pushing the pace.

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Course Details:


Normally, everyone at the Loon Mountain Race runs the same distance. This year, however, the race is a qualifier for the US Mountain Running Team which will compete in Italy at the World Mountain Running Championships (WMRC) in September.  At the WMRC, men and women race different distances much like they do at World Cross Country Events.  The US Team has learned over the years that the best way to be competitive at Worlds is to have qualifying courses that simulate the WMRC course in surface, elevation and distance. The recent podium finishes of US mens and womens teams since 2006 has supported this thinking.  While the courses are of different lengths, the prize money for the championships is equally distributed among the men and women as we always believe women should have the same prize earnings opportunity as men. 


Because we're starting a little earlier on Sunday morning we will offer Saturday afternoon bib pickup at Loon Mountain from 4:00-5:30 pm for any pre-registered athlete in the Governor's Pavilion (look for the LMR Registration signs).  You can still pick up your bib Sunday morning.

SUNDAY BIB PICK-UP:  6:30 am - 9:00 am (Governor's Pavilion...again, look for the LMR registration signs)


NOTE:  Only USATF recognized teams will be scored in this USATF Championship

1.)  The team championships in USATF-MUT shall be scored by time.
2.)  The team score shall be the aggregate time of the scoring members.  The team with the lowest aggregate time is the team winner.
3.)  The maximum number of entries per team shall be unlimited. 
4.)  Team championships shall be conducted in 10 year age divisions for men and women.
5.)  All age division team members may score down (example: 60+ man could score in the 50+, 40+, and open TEAMS).

Scoring shall be as follows:
Distances under 30K
Men Open - 5 score  
Men 40+/50+/60+/70+ - 3 score
Women - All categories 3 score

In order to accommodate the distance requirements of the US Mountain Running Championship, the course will have a men\'s and women's starting area behind the Base Lodge.  The race will begin along the service trails heading up Loon Mountain before veering into the Nordic Ski trail network.  After this new section of course it follows a traditional combination of dirt trail, service roads, and ski trails to the Summit Lodge at the top of the Gondola.  The course works its way over and up to the summit of North Peak via the infamous Upper Walking Boss black diamond trail where the race will finish.  The course averages approximately a 10% grade with some sections of more than 40%!

NOTE: Hiking poles are prohibited at this USATF sanctioned event.

Loon Mountain Waiver - When you pick up your race bib, you will need to sign an additional waiver that is provided by Loon Mountain.

You will be able to ride the Gondola, free of charge, back to the bottom after the race.

Clothing drop- if you have a bag you would like at the top of the mountain, leave it in the pile near the Gondola. They will then be transported to the top of the Gondola.

The course will feature three fluid aid stations. The average temperature in July is 77F so make sure you run with fluids if you think you will need more than three hydration stops.  We will provide fluids at the summit of North Peak and back at the Governor's Pavilion.

Spectators & Family members can purchase discounted Gondola tickets for $8 to tide to the top of the mountain. Someone will be selling those at Registration.

Awards and Food will be back in the Governor's Pavilion after the race

MILITARY DISCOUNTS:  We are happy to offer all active military, retired military, and military spouses a discount on registration.  See the details on the online registration page.

NOTE:  No transfers or refunds after June 29, 2014.

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