June 18, 2022

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6 Commerce Way
Exeter, New Hampshire


Long Course (10 miles)
Short Course (4.5 miles)

Race Directors: Sarah Sallade, Ri Fahnestock, & Chris J. Dunn


Bib Pick-Up: 8:30am-9:30am
Race Start: 10:00am (Long) | 10:20 (Short)


4.5M: $25 pre-registration; $35 event day registration

10M: $40 pre-registration; $50 event day registration


Course Info


No transfers. Refunds issued, upon request, up the start of the event. 


Every acidotic RACING (aR) event benefits a non-profit in part or in total. We’re very proud that this event benefits the Exeter Conservation Commission.

Cash Prizes

All results and awards are given for overall times and separated only into the category of male or female for each of the two courses. A $100 prize will be awarded to the top male and female in the 10 mile course. Awards will also be given to racers who come in 2nd and 3rd place in the 10 mile, as well as the top 3 racers of each gender in the 4.5 mile race. Additional raffle prizes will be selected by bib number at random.

Aid Stations

Water and cups will be available at approximately 3, 6, & 9 miles.

Frontline Hero Discount

Challenging times bring out the best in some people. Among us are some extraordinary examples of modern day "heros". We are very grateful for the folks who have been on the frontline to provide essential services, despite the incredible risks. As a small gesture of our gratitude we would like to offer a $5 discount to our event for any of the following occupations with the code "FRONTLINEHERO2022"; healthcare, first responders, education, food/grocery, retail, convenience store, automotive care, gas station, towing, highway safety, pharmacy, and sanitation. Additionally, anyone who has volunteered their time to help a non-profit agency is welcome to use the code. Finally, if you are part of a frontline industry not mentioned above, please feel free to use the code. We thank everyone for their selflessness.

Photography & Video

Commercial photography and/or videography at our events is strictly prohibited unless advanced permission has been granted. Please contact the Race Director for further information. The use of drones at our events is prohibited. Spectators wishing to take photos or videos must remain off the course at all times.


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